Laura Di Fiore

Trails Together

Light green and blue watercolour painting on wood, showing a forested area on the left, a bird’s eye view of the Queensway Trail in the middle and a landscape view on the right.

Laura Di Fiore, 2020
Mixed Media on Wood, 24″ x 24”

Artist statement

The artwork records, with watercolour on wood, a walked experience of the Queensway Trail. Using lines, corners, joints, edges, connections are made between natural and built forms.

The artwork is divided into three sections. This sequence responds to the collective culture of image sharing during this quarantine period. The section on the left represents the natural plant matter on the trail. The middle section shows the site plan, and the right part represents personal experiences from walking the path.

A trail is a connecting tool for people, landscapes, and histories. The Queensway Trail is a paved path that sees many groups of people enjoying the surrounding landscape together at a distance.

Each community member’s visit to the trail is unique and dependent on the weather, time of day, speed of movement, and interaction with neighbours. Active walking in an urban area allows people to create memories associated with the spaces from everyday life.

The path includes a contrast of elements as the Queensway is adorned with natural flora and fauna, home to the Credit River Valley.

About the artist

Laura Di Fiore is currently completing her Master of Architecture at McGill University. Her artwork aspires to discover commonalities between walking and drawing. Sites are the basis of the work which exist between urban, suburban, and rural scales.

Drawing with multiple layers, her visual practice negotiates between humans, landscapes, and built forms together in public spaces.

The artwork is deeply embedded in its context, ground, topography, and location to present a larger and more open field of reception. Each artwork questions what kind of community forms between these actors.

Her linework tracings are ephemeral and acknowledge that they may only represent a time and ecological cycle within an environment. She works with digital drawing and delineates layers back onto natural materials with offcuts of wood used as her base.

You can find Laura on Instagram @lauramdifiore, Twitter @lmadifio, or on Laura’s website.