Leah Kwak

Regular Walks, Special Days

Bright, colourful digital illustration of a person wearing a mask walking through a field of flowers with a house, grass, flowers, people, and Lake Ontario in the background.

Leah Kwak, 2020
Digital illustration, 15″x10″

Artist statement

Understanding the privilege I have of being able to safely engage with my community, I have taken regular walks with my sisters and dog to observe how the pandemic has changed the neighbourhood.

Despite the hardships, people continued to move forward, much like how the surrounding nature pursues to change through the season. This illustration maps such passages of time, emphasizing the mosaic of diverse experiences seen in the city.

The work depicts the sharing of experiences from the tulip gardens by Burnhamthorpe Road near the Credit River, the residential areas of Clarkson, and from staying at home.

By collaging these different experiences, this work embraces the collective hope of moving forward together and keeping each other safe.

About the artist

Leah is a Mississauga-based artist and recent illustration graduate from Sheridan College. Allowing shape and mark making to direct the flow of her work, she creates images that embody the liveliness found in her travels.

Fond of the mosaic of individuality, fashion, and experiences found from her trips, Leah hopes to continue to bring those elements to her work. On other occasions, you can find her drinking some bubble tea and jamming to kpop.

You can find Leah on Instagram @le_ahkwak, Twitter @le_ahk, or on Leah’s website.