Linh Thai

A pink hand drawn map of Mississauga with a legend underneath listing the artist’s favourite places. The map is filled with artwork, nature, food, and families.

Linh Thai, 2020
Digital Illustration, 14″ x 10″

Artist statement

For my contribution to the Maps of Mississauga project, I am sharing an illustration of my most frequented and favourite parts of the city.

My map is a reflection of my experience growing up and living in Mississauga, which consists of arts and entertainment, nature and a lot of food. The drawings on this map represent real spaces, and have been positioned on (or close to) their real locations.

If you are in need of an adventure (when social-distancing is over), here are my recommendations.

For a cozy date, I suggest Sushi-Ya Japan (20) and the Port Credit lakeshore and Papa Giuseppe’s (11 and 12).

If you want a fun challenge try Hub Climbing (4). Some top picks for satisfying food are the lobster poutine at The Wilcox (9), bun bo hue at Pho Ngoc Yen (16), and the calamari at Goodfellas Pizza (14).

Personally, I am fond of Mississauga because it has contributed so much to my growth. As a child, I performed year end recitals at The Living Arts Centre (6).

After graduation, I began my art career with Visual Arts Mississauga (3), and found a sense of community there. I was able to exhibit artwork in the LAC and the Art Gallery of Mississauga. Last year, I did the Sculpture Court Skate Park (7) mural project with fellow artists and mentor Mango Peeler. It was my very first public art project and it opened the door for many more.

I hope that this map will give viewers inspiration for new places to visit in the future, and spark fond memories of places that are already a part of their life.

About the artist

Linh Thai is an interdisciplinary artist, muralist and illustrator. Her work explores the whimsical and is largely inspired by stories and storytelling. She strives to make art that exists on the cusp of two and three dimensions.

You can find Linh on Instagram @yenlinh.thai or on Linh’s website.