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Budget Committee Approves Fees & Charges Schedule for 2023

City services | December 1, 2022

Yesterday, the City’s Budget Committee approved the 2023 user fees and charges schedule for City services and programs (which now includes the Stormwater charge). Next year’s schedule incorporates new, revised and existing charges for items such as ice, room and facility rentals, recreational and cultural programs and services like transit.

“Fees and charges assist in covering all or a portion of the cost of delivering customer-specific services like recreational programs, MiWay transit and the processing of development applications. This helps to ease the tax rate while continuing to provide high levels of service to our customers,” said Shari Lichterman, Commissioner of Corporate Services and Chief Financial Officer. “The Fees and Charges By-law, approved by Council, identifies the rates and fees proposed for specific City services, programs and activities.”

As part of its annual budget process, the City completed an internal review and evaluated its user fees and charges, which are charged to those who benefit directly from a program or service. Staff compiled the recommendations based on a number of factors, including assessment of current market conditions, demand for service, cost of delivery and inflation.

Price increases are recommended for those programs and lines of business that can absorb the increase without negatively affecting participation or revenue. Price recommendations are based on cost recovery, participation rates, the availability of affordable offerings, service sustainability, customer feedback and market conditions.

Several reports received approval by the Budget Committee and a few changes were also proposed:

  1. MiWay fees will be discussed in more detail during budget deliberations in early 2023, so will remain unchanged at this time.
  2. Fireworks Sales – Business Licensing Fee increase to $1,000 per vendor.
  3. Golf fees outlined in the Recreation Programs Fees and Rental Rates is to be reviewed and brought back for further discussion.

Final approval for all fees and charges will be made at Council on Wednesday, December 7.

Budget Committee Meetings

The next Budget Committee meeting is scheduled for Monday, January 16, 2023, at 9:30 a.m., and is open for the public to attend. The full schedule of meetings is available online at Council and Committees Calendar Listings.

Stay informed and get involved in the City’s 2023 Budget and Business Plan by:

  1. Watching the overview of the 2023 preliminary Budget and Business Plan
  2. Attending in person or watching a Budget Committee meeting via live stream
  3. Signing up for a 2023 Budget Engagement Session on Tuesday, January 10, 2023
  4. Emailing a question or comment to or calling 311
  5. Following the City budget conversations and posts on Facebook and Twitter
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