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City’s Planning Information Hub Makes Data Accessible for All

Business and innovation | October 26, 2016

Are you interested in the future of your community or wonder what’s planned? The City’s new Planning Information Hub is an innovative online tool that allows citizens to easily search through planning-related data.

The hub maps out information across the city and helps tell the story of Planning and Building.

Users can start their journey with a visual display of the Mississauga Urban Design Awards, and then continue with visuals of:

  • Planning projects
  • Building permits
  • Growth forecast
  • Development applications
  • Census
  • Land use
  • Planning-related directories
  • Environmental natural areas

“Data and information have become a strategic part of the Planning and Building Department, and this creative tool provides users with an amazing visual experience and timely, practical information”, said Andrew Whittemore, Director of Policy Planning.

The hub is the first of its kind in Canada. To experience it, visit

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