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More than 24,000 voters have cast their ballot early in Mississauga’s by-election

Have your say! Vote for Mississauga Mayor and Ward 5 Councillor on Monday, June 10 from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m.

Municipal Election | June 5, 2024

In total, more than 24,000 voters took advantage of the last two weekends of advance voting in Mississauga. During June 1-2 alone, there were over 22,400 early voters.

Those who haven’t voted yet still have the chance to vote for the Mayor of Mississauga on Monday, June 10. Voters in Ward 5 will also be voting for their Ward 5 Councillor. Voters can vote at any location in their ward from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m.

Over 24,000 of your neighbours voted. Have you? Vote on Monday, June 10.

Before you vote

Make sure you’re eligible to vote, confirm your information on the Voters’ List, learn who’s running for Mayor and Ward 5 Councillor and check your designated voting locations.

Remember, only voters in Ward 5 will be voting for their Ward 5 Councillor. Voters in all other wards will only be voting for Mississauga’s Mayor. Use the map to find out what your ward is.

How to vote

You can vote in-person at any location in your ward. Voters are encouraged to bring their Voter Notification Card if they received one in the mail. If you didn’t receive one, don’t worry, you can still vote.

You must bring one piece of identification (ID) with you to the voting location like an Ontario driver’s licence, Ontario photo card or any other document included on Ontario’s acceptable documents for voter identification list.

To reduce the amount of time it takes to vote, check the wait times at voting locations using the online map.

Unofficial results

After polls close at 8 p.m., live unofficial election results will be posted online as counts come in from each voting location. Unofficial results will be updated on a regular basis until all voting locations have reported.

Voting place in Mississauga

For more information about voting or for general information about the by-election, visit or call 905-615-VOTE (8683).


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