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New Tow Truck Licensing System – July 1, 2015

Local government | April 29, 2015

A new tow truck licensing system will be in effect July 1, 2015. The changes to the Tow Truck Licensing By-law 521-04 will improve safety by helping ensure tow trucks meet Ministry of Transportation requirements and City bylaws.

Under the new system, two types of licensed trucks can operate in Mississauga:

1. General Towing For Hire – Existing

Accident/Emergency related towing. General towing for hire trucks must be employed by a licensed brokerage in Mississauga with a licensed vehicle pound facility in Mississauga.

2. Contract Towing Not For Hire – New

Other types of towing such as scrap vehicle businesses or private non-accident.

No new plates will be issued as per the by-law. To prepare for the new system all current plates will be replaced with the appropriate licence type By July 1, 2015.

For more information please read Introduction of New Tow Truck Licensing System

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