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Park that Pumpkin Spice!

Entertainment and activities | September 12, 2019

Don’t call it a comeback, the season of heat never left. September 23 is the official start of fall but before that, it’s still summer folks and there’s a lot going on in this hot city.

You are cultured. You know all about the art shows and musical events taking place throughout Mississauga.

For instance, you know that the Toronto Biennial of Art is taking place at Mississauga’s newest and coolest cultural space, the Small Arms Inspection Building. Your friends will ask you about the Biennial and you’ll remind them what this 72-day art festival is all about – cheat sheets available here.

Your social media will be jammed with pics from cool summery celebrations including Art on the Screens: Juried Collection, the field-fresh Farmers Market and cultural festivals on Celebration Square.

Do have a new adventure. Don’t have Insta-envy.

Worry not, summer and autumn are still friends. For instance, during outdoor pool weather, you can register for fall and winter programs. Registration is open now so surf your way to for a full list of registered and drop-in activities.

Fact. Winter will find you. Don’t abandon summer early.

See you outside!