News release

Tow Truck & Public Vehicle Licensing By-laws to use Administrative Penalty System

Local government | June 10, 2015

The administrative penalty system (APS) with penalty notices will be used to enforce bylaw violations for the City’s:

  • Tow Truck Licensing By-law 521-04, as amended
  • Public Vehicle Licensing By-law 420-04, amended

This will come into effect on July 13, 2015.

APS is currently used to resolve violations for the City’s

  • Parking By-law and
  • Animal Care and Control By-law

APS is recognized by the province as an efficient way for cities to enforce bylaws.

A report was presented to the City’s Public Vehicle Advisory Committee and Towing Industry Committee on APS earlier this year.

The bylaws will be amended to allow the City to enforce the licensing requirements set out in the Tow Truck Licensing By-law 521-04, as amended, through both the Provincial Offences Act and the City’s Licensing Administrative Penalty By-law.

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