City Manager’s Office budget

The City Manager’s Office makes up 1.4% of the City’s budget. In 2022, the City is increasing the City Manager’s Office operating budget by $1.4 million

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To lead, support and promote innovation, collaboration, accountability and partnerships. We drive performance excellence across the organization, lead by example in strategic risk taking and ensure the City’s long-term prosperity is protected.

The services we provide

  • Strategic leadership through the Internal Audit, Legal Services and Strategic Initiatives divisions
  • The City Manager’s Office co-ordinates efforts across all five City departments to ensure alignment with all of the City’s key plans, including the Strategic Plan, the Workforce Diversity and Inclusion Strategy and corporate policies
  • Within the Office of Emergency Management, services include:
    • Development and maintenance of emergency plans, policies, and procedures
    • Development and delivery of municipal training and exercise programs to internal and external stakeholders based on the City’s identified risks
    • Operation of the City’s Emergency Operations Centre – incident co-ordination and communications
    • Emergency preparedness public education and community outreach
    • Business Continuity Management services

Interesting facts about this service

  • Legal Services spent close to 2,500 hours in 2020 advising on COVID-19 matters, drafting a new Mandatory Face Mask By-law and playing a key role in ensuring compliance with COVID-19-related legislation and regulations
  • Strategic Initiatives is leading the implementation of the Workforce Diversity and Inclusion Strategy and the advancement of the City’s equity, diversity, and inclusion goals
  • The Service Area elevates business acumen throughout the corporation, co-ordinates intergovernmental relations and advocacy activities with other levels of government and plays a role in the City’s waterfront, including the development of Lakeview Village
  • Emergency Management dealt with 19 incidents in 2020 representing five different hazard types
  • Emergency Management prepares the City to respond and recover from almost 40 different potential hazards