Parks, Forestry and Environment budget

Parks, Forestry and Environment makes up 4.4% of the City’s budget. In 2022, the City is increasing the Parks, Forestry and Environment operating budget by $6,400.

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We are a dynamic team that protects the natural environment and creates great public spaces to make healthy and happy communities.

The services we provide

A multi-disciplinary team composed of Park Planning, Park Development, Parks Operations, Forestry, and Environment works co-operatively to meet and deliver the open space and outdoor recreational needs of the community and drive environmental sustainability and climate action.

Interesting facts about this service

  • 351,344 hours of maintenance were performed in 2020 for the care of 3,178 hectares (7,853 acres) of parkland and open space including 373 sports fields, 267 playgrounds, over 500 parks, two marinas and 11 publicly owned cemeteries
  • There are over 300 publicly owned woodlands and natural areas covering 1,124 hectares (2,777 acres)
  • Over 7,000 annual service requests are received and resolved by Parks, Forestry and Environment, in addition to approximately 5,700 additional direct inquiries from the 3-1-1 Citizen Contact Centre
  • 34,000 City-owned trees received maintenance in 2020, including pruning, rejuvenation and watering
  • 36,486 hours of outdoor sports fields and 49,805 hours of park permits were booked in 2020
  • 34,078 trees and shrubs were planted through City planting programs in 2020
  • Six Corporate waste diversion initiatives are administered including batteries, dog waste and scrap metal
  • In 2020, Environment outreach staff quickly pivoted to virtual engagements in response to the pandemic, hosting 40 online events that engaged 1,096 participants