Stormwater budget

At an estimated 2020 replacement value of over $5.2 billion, the stormwater drainage system is one of the largest assets owned and operated by the City of Mississauga.

Download a copy of the Stormwater budget.


We plan, develop, construct, maintain and renew the City’s stormwater system which protects property, infrastructure and the natural environment from flooding and erosion, and helps protect water quality.

The services we provide

  • Storm sewer, pond and watercourse inspections and maintenance
  • Dredging and rehabilitation of Stormwater Management (SWM) facilities to maintain water quality and quantity control
  • Watercourse erosion control and restoration
  • Stormwater asset management, capital programming and project delivery
  • Storm Sewer By-law enforcement
  • Outreach and education program

Interesting facts about stormwater

  • The City has over 1,900 kilometres of storm sewer pipes in its drainage system. If laid out end-to-end these pipes would connect the City of Mississauga to the City of Winnipeg
  • The stormwater drainage system also includes over 51,000 catchbasins, 270 kilometres of ditches, 150 kilometres of creeks, and 81 SWM facilities (including ponds, underground storage and Low Impact Development facilities) that help to collect, drain and clean the city’s rainwater runoff before it enters Lake Ontario