June 28, 2021 Service Changes

MiWay continues to provide a safe and reliable transit system, and is committed to delivering the right service at the right time while being responsive to changes in transit ridership demand.


Customer demand has grown on some routes and declined on others as many people have changed their travel patterns to work and school in response to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. MiWay is adjusting service frequencies across the network to ensure that service is available where and when customers need it, and the potential for overcrowding is reduced.

MiWay is committed to monitoring all routes in the transit system network so that service levels are responsive to customers’ needs and can change with shifts in demand as travel patterns continue to evolve.

MiWay will be implementing the following service changes on Monday, June 28, 2021:

Adding More Service on Corridors where Demand has Increased: Routes 42, 51 and 61

  • Route 42 – Derry will provide more Saturday service.
  • Route 51 – Tomken will provide more early morning service on weekdays.
  • Route 61 – Mavis will provide more late evening service on weekdays.

Service Frequency Reductions to Match Customer Demand: Various Routes

Schedules will be adjusted on the routes below; these routes will continue to be monitored for changes in customer demand:

  • Weekday: Routes 3-Bloor, 8-Cawthra, 13-Glen Erin, 20-Rathburn, 26-Burnhamthorpe, 28-Confederation, 42A-Derry (midday only), and 48-Erin Mills.
  • Saturday: Route 3-Bloor, 26-Burnhamthorpe, 46-Tenth Line-Osprey, and 109-Meadowvale Express.
  • Sunday: Route 109-Meadowvale Express.

MiWay will monitor these routes so that service levels can be adjusted as needed in the fall.

Service Changes due to Road Construction: City Centre Transit Terminal Bus Stop Changes and Route 44

  • Bus stop locations at the City Centre Transit Terminal will change due to upcoming construction on Rathburn Road for the Hurontario Light Rail Transit (LRT) project. Click here to view the terminal map.
  • Route 44 – Mississauga Road will return to its original routing because the construction on Mississauga Road, between Burnhamthorpe Road and Eglinton Avenue, is complete. Click here to view the routing.

Schedule Adjustments to Improve Service Reliability: Various Routes

Schedules will be adjusted on these routes in response to changes in traffic conditions:

  • Weekday: Routes 5-Dixie, 9-Rathburn-Thomas, 10-Bristol-Britannia, 23-Lakeshore, 30-Rexdale, 34-Credit Valley, 39-Britannia,  45-Winston Churchill, 45A Winston Churchill-Speakman, 53-Kennedy, 68-Terry Fox, 109-Meadowvale Express.
  • Saturday: Routes 5-Dixie, 9-Rathburn-Thomas, 10-Bristol-Britannia, 13-Glen Erin, 20-Rathburn, 23-Lakeshore, 28-Confederation, 30-Rexdale, 34-Credit Valley, 39-Britannia, 45-Winston Churchill, 45A Winston Churchill-Speakman, 48-Erin Mills, 61-Mavis.
  • Sunday: Routes 3-Bloor, 5-Dixie, 9-Rathburn-Thomas, 10-Bristol-Britannia, 13-Glen Erin, 20-Rathburn, 23-Lakeshore, 26-Burnhamthorpe, 28-Confederation, 34-Credit Valley, 39-Britannia, 45-Winston Churchill, 45A Winston Churchill-Speakman, 48-Erin Mills, 61-Mavis.

Seasonal Service Changes: Summer School Routes and Canada Day Service

  • Summer school routes will not operate this year due to summer school closures and online learning. Regular school service routes will continue to be suspended.
  • On Canada Day (Thursday, July 1, 2021), buses will operate on a holiday schedule and the following routes will not operate due to low customer demand: Routes 28 Confederation, 35 Eglinton-Ninth Line, 46 Tenth Line-Osprey, 48 Erin Mills, and 68 Terry Fox.