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More service on Derry Road starting Monday, May 10. Learn more.

MiWay route maps

See local, express and high school MiWay routes in our interactive trip planner for live, up-to-the-minute information or download your own PDF map.

1 DundasView map PDF
1C Dundas-CollegewayView map PDF
2 HurontarioView map PDF
3 BloorView map PDF
4 Sherway GardensView map PDF
5 DixieView map PDF
6 Credit WoodlandsView map PDF
7 AirportView map PDF
8 CawthraView map PDF
9 Rathburn-ThomasView map PDF
10 Bristol-BritanniaView map PDF
11 WestwoodView map PDF
13 Glen ErinView map PDF
14 Lorne ParkView map PDF
14A Lorne Park IndustrialView map PDF
15 DrewView map PDF
16 MaltonView map PDF
16A MaltonView map PDF
17 HurontarioView map PDF
20 RathburnView map PDF
22 FinchView map PDF
23 LakeshoreView map PDF
24 NorthwestView map PDF
25 Traders LoopView map PDF
26 BurnhamthorpeView map PDF
28 ConfederationView map PDF
29 Park Royal-HomelandsView map PDF
30 RexdaleView map PDF
34 Credit ValleyView map PDF
35 Eglinton-Ninth LineView map PDF
35A Eglinton-Tenth LineView map PDF
36 Colonial-RidgewayView map PDF
38 CreditviewView map PDF
38A Creditview-ArgentiaView map PDF
39 BritanniaView map PDF
42 DerryView map PDF
42A DerryView map PDF

New Route: Starting May 10, 2021

43 Matheson-ArgentiaView map PDF
44 Mississauga RoadView map PDF
45 Winston ChurchillView map PDF
45A Winston Churchill-SpeakmanView map PDF
46 Tenth Line-OspreyView map PDF
48 Erin MillsView map PDF
49 McDowellView map PDF
49A McDowell-Streetsville GOView map PDF
51 TomkenView map PDF
53 KennedyView map PDF
57 CourtneyparkView map PDF
61 MavisView map PDF
66 McLaughlinView map PDF
68 Terry FoxView map PDF
70 KeatonView map PDF
71 Sheridan-SubwayView map PDF
73 KamatoView map PDF
74 ExplorerView map PDF
76 City Centre-SubwayView map PDF
87 Meadowvale-SkymarkView map PDF
90 Terragar-Copenhagen LoopView map PDF
101 Dundas ExpressView map PDF

Starting Dec. 26, 2020, Route 101 will not operate on Saturdays due to a province-wide shutdown. Customers can take Routes 1/1C as an alternate.

101A Dundas ExpressView map PDF
103 Hurontario ExpressView map PDF
104 Derry ExpressView map PDF

Starting Dec. 11, 2020, this route will be suspended. Service will be added to Route 42-Derry due to increased customer demand for service at all local stops. Route 42 provides all day service, 7 days a week. MiWay continues to monitor service demand during the COVID-19 Grey-Lockdown level and will restore services based on customer demand.

107 Malton ExpressView map PDF

Starting Dec. 7, this route will be suspended due to the Humber College closure. Route 7 Airport and Route 22 Finch are available as alternatives.

108 Meadowvale Business ExpressView map PDF
109 Meadowvale ExpressView map PDF
110 University ExpressView map PDF