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Travelling guidelines

Information and advice you need to ensure an enjoyable trip for everyone.

Face coverings required

It is mandatory to wear a mask or face covering on our buses and inside terminal buildings under the City’s Face Covering By-Law.

Children under the age of two and people with disabilities or other medical conditions that prevent them from wearing any mask will not be required to wear one.

For everyone’s safety, please keep your mask on at all times and be sure it’s fully covering your nose, mouth and chin with no gaps. Do not remove your mask to eat, drink or talk on your cell phone.

Boarding and exiting

Board the bus at the front doors. When you are getting off the bus, exit through the doors at the back of the bus.


When you board the bus, take your backpack off and hold it in front of you. When seated, place your backpack on your lap.

Strollers and large articles

Strollers, buggies and other large articles are allowed on the bus when there is space. Strollers must not block the aisles for safety reasons. If you’re using a stroller you must carry it on and off the bus yourself.


If you’re listening to music, use headphones and keep the volume at a level that does not disturb other passengers.

Food and litter

Please keep all food and drinks in proper containers and take any litter with you when you get off the bus.