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Click on the link below to access our manual for managing your applications online through eCity. Learn how to use the MY APPLICATIONS feature to track and receive email notification of changes in application status.
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Building Permit App Status
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View Building Permit Application Status feature allows you to track your application progress from the application stage through to permit issuance. To use this feature, you need an Access ID code.

The best way to track your application progress is to create an account by clicking on the Register Now link. Then simply look up your application. The system will automatically associate you with your application. Once an activity has been completed, you will be notified via e-mail. You will see your application/s in your My Applications page.

If you have lost your WEBID or require information about obtaining a WEBID, please call the City of Mississauga at 3-1-1 or, if calling from outside city limits, dial 905-615-4311.  Questions about any application related comments should be directed to the Plans Examiner assigned to your application.


When looking up your Application Status, only include the actual number portion. You do not need to include the application type or year in the Application # box. For example, your full application identification may be BP 3NEW 10 9999 FDN. You only need to include the 9999 portion in the Application # box.

We have consolidated our service counters on the 3rd floor and in an effort to service you better, we are requesting that BEFORE coming in to discuss outstanding application comments with a specific Plans Examiner, that you contact that Plans Examiner and arrange a specific meeting time.

Please note that general questions and additional information submissions will still be dealt with by our Customer Services staff on a walk in basis.

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