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Managing Applications Manual
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Click on the link below to access our manual for managing your applications online through eCity. Learn how to use the MY APPLICATIONS feature to track and receive email notification of changes in application status.
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Building Permit App Status
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Only people associated with the application/permit are permitted to view this information. When a Building Permit application is filed with the City of Mississauga it is deemed to be public information. However, any correspondence between the applicant/owner is considered as private and for that reason only people associated with the application are permitted to view the conditions and inspection results.

Applicants will receive at the time of application an application confirmation receipt. The Application number and application specific WEBID will appear in this report. These (2) pieces of information will be required to access this feature.

If you intend to return to monitor your application status you should take advantage of the 'My Applications' feature to bookmark the application so that you do not have to re enter the Application number and WEBID each time. To do this you must first register and have a portal account. Once you access your application for the first time, a record will automatically be created in My Applications. You will also be automatically subscribed to the Notify Me feature. This feature will send you an email each time an Activity has been updated on your application.

If you have lost your application receipt, you may request a new receipt by calling the Customer Services Section of the Building Division at 905-896-5619.

Application Status Pages

This information is current (within 2 hours) and represents the actual status of your application. The information displayed is for your convenience and does not constitute an official status. The conditions applied to any application are subject to change frequently during the application processing period. Conditions can also change due to resubmission of information and drawings. An official status report can be requested by calling the Building Division at 905-896-5619.

Once you have entered your Application Number and WEBID, press the SUBMIT button and you will be taken to one of two different pages. If your permit has been ISSUED, you will be taken to the Building Permit Status page where you will see the status and results of inspections that have been completed. If the permit has not been issued you will be taken to the Building Permit Application Status page. If your application has been submitted in the context of a Group, there will be a View Group link. This link will take you to pages where you can review the application status in the context of the group submission.

You will see the conditions that have been applied against your application. Only the conditions with a 'Withheld' status need to be addressed prior to the issuance of the permit. Please use the drop down lists to filter your conditions by plan examination role and condition status. You are free to contact the Plan Examiner via email or telephone them to clarify and response to any conditions. However, when responding to conditions be aware that you might been adding to your overall processing time if you do not address all conditions in a single submission. Also, where documents are required to be signed or stamped by a professional engineer or architect, the originals must be submitted.

Inspection Status Pages

If your permit has been ISSUED, you will be taken to the View Building Permit Status pages where you can review the the Inspection results. Inspection results are categorized by inspection discipline (building, plumbing, HVAC, and fire). Not all disciplines are assigned to all applications. Inspection disciplines are assigned based on the scope of the application.

The inspection result data is cached every 2 hours so the data is refreshed every 2 hours during the day. The actual inspectors comments are not displayed at this time.

From these pages you will be able to link to the Schedule Inspection service. This link will transfer your application number and WEBID to the Schedule Inspection page so that you do not have to re enter the data.

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