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Only people associated with the application are permitted to view this information. Applicants will receive at the time of application an application confirmation receipt. The Application number and application specific WEBID will appear in this report. These (2) pieces of information will be required to access this feature.

If you intend to return to monitor your application status you should take advantage of the 'My Applications' feature to bookmark the application so that you do not have to re enter the Application number and WEBID each time. To do this you can either look up the application and click on the 'Add to My Applications' link or select the My Applications feature from the Online Services menu.

If you have lost your application receipt, you may request a new receipt by calling the Planning Division at 905-615-3200 ext. 5513.

The information displayed is current and represents the actual status of your application. This information displayed is for your convenience and does not constitute an official status.  An official status report can be requested by calling the Planner assigned to your application.  It is important to remember that Development applications are circulated to other internal departments and external agencies for comments and conditions.  The Planner is responsible for coordinating these conditions and resolving any conflicting comments.  Applicants should exercise care when addressing conditions to ensure that any conflicting comments are resolved before resubmission. The Planner's name and phone number can be found by clicking on the Contact link on the Application Status Details page.

By default, conditions with a WITHHELD or NOTE status will be displayed since it is likely that you are only concerned with outstanding conditions.  Please use the drop down lists to filter your conditions by department role and condition status, if you wish.

The More... link is an expanded view of a single condition that otherwise was not able to fit in the previous page display.