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The My Properties feature is available to logged in users. Therefore, your first task is to register and get your portal account. Once you have created your account with a valid email address, you can subscribe to this service. Any one can use this feature but it may be most useful to Property Management companies and private individuals who want to monitor development on properties.

What is My Properties?

My Properties a way for you to bookmark favourite properties. Along with the bookmarking feature, you can also subscribe to Notify Me. Notify Me will send you an email message alerting you when the City receives new Building Permit, Development, or Committee of Adjustment applications on your property.

How does it Work?

Simply log in with your portal account.

  • Select Plan and Build e Services Centre under the Services Online menu. You will be taken to the Plan and Build eServices Centre and you will see the My Property portlet below the left hand sub navigation menu.
  • Click on the Add Property link.
  • You must first find the subject property by address or roll number.
  • The View Property and Tax information page will be displayed. You now can review property information to ensure that you have the correct property. When you are satisfied, click on the Add to My Property link.
  • To subscribe to Notify Me, click on the Subscribe to Notify Me link.


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