Online Donations
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Instructions for Use

How To Donate Online
1. Find the navigation bar at the top of the home page (it's on every other page, too). Move your mouse over "Shop", click to enter the eStore and view Featured Items and Categories.
2. Below each Category are Subcategories, click on a Subcategory you'd like to browse in (i.e. the Donations category has subcategories such as Jerry Love, Museums, etc.)
3. Similar to Featured Items, click on image, product name or buy online to view Donation Product Details information.

How To Search
1. If you know what you're looking for, find the left navigation menu item for "Store Search".
2. Type in either the item name or keywords in the search field and click on the "Search" button.
3. You will then see a screen of possible links to the item you're searching for or a message to refine your search.

How to Add Items to Your Cart
1. You're on the Donation Item Detail page.  You support this initiative.  You want donate to it.  Now what?  Find the "Quantity" box and enter the number you want.
2. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click "Add to Shopping Cart".
3. You will move to the Shopping Cart screen where you can view and edit the items you have added to your Cart.
4. Click Return to Shopping and continue shopping until you have everything and are ready to "Checkout".

How to Checkout
1. There are three ways to "Checkout".  You can either click on the "Checkout" button on the top navigation bar of any page to see everything in your cart; or click on "Checkout" on the left navigation menu of all store pages; or upon viewing a desired item's Product Detail page click on "Add to Cart" to both update your cart with that item and proceed to the Shopping Cart screen to see everything in your cart.   Then scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on the "Continue Checkout" button.
2. This will bring you to a "Login" page.  At this point you can either login with your password if you already have an account; or, if you don't have an account, "Register Now" - it's a quick easy process to allow us to track your orders, billing and shipping information, view any applicable digital downloads and much more!
3. Once signed in you will be brought back to your cart, click on the "Continue Checkout" button to get to the Billing and Shipping Information page.  Note you will be alerted at this point that you are going to a secure site and a lock symbol will appear on the bottom right section of your screen.
4.  Be sure to read and agree to the Privacy and Return policies, complete billing and shipping information, and then click "Continue".
5. This will be your last chance to review and edit your order, once satisfied that all is correct - complete your credit card information and click "Submit Order".
6. A Confirmation page will appear with a summary of your transaction.  You may wish to print this for your records.
7. A follow up email version of this summary will arrive shortly.  You may also wish to print this for your records. An official donation receipt will be mailed, via Canada Post, within the next five to seven business days.

Advantages to Saving your Profile Information
1. Save time and energy and prevent unnecessary repetitive entries.  When you place your first order, save your billing and shipping information to your profile.
2. Whenever you Login to the City of Mississauga portal you can access My Profile to view and edit your billing and shipping information.
3. When you place subsequent orders your saved billing and shipping information will appear without you having to start from scratch.  You may notice some items on your billing and/or shipping information need to be updated.  You can make these changes during the checkout and save them to your profile.

How to Check your Order History
1. After submitting an order your Order Confirmation screen will be displayed with a link to the "Order History" page. Click on this button to view your open orders, closed orders, and cancelled orders.
2. You can also view your Order History by clicking on the left navigation menu found on all screens in the store. If you're not in the store click on "Shop" on the top navigation of any screen and then access the left navigation menu.
3. Open orders can be cancelled (except for digital downloads), should you change your mind, by clicking on the applicable Order Number to view the order details and then click on the "Cancel Order" button at the bottom if you wish to cancel the entire order. Once you confirm the request the order will be cancelled.
4. You can request a return of clothing items by viewing the applicable Closed Order and clicking the "Request a Return" button at the bottom of the page. See Returns & Refunds for further details.
5. You can view your cancelled orders by clicking on the applicable order number to view the details of the cancelled order.