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This service allows users to view property based information from various City of Mississauga data sources. The City of Mississauga is committed to protecting personal information. All information shown herein has been deemed as public information. No personal information is displayed. Please refer to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy below for further information.

Every effort is made to ensure that the information contained herein is correct but the City of Mississauga accepts no responsibility for any errors, omissions or inaccuracies.

Look Up by Address Instructions

  • enter street number (street numbers in Mississauga range between 0 and 9999, no unit, no letters) - optional search field
  • enter the street name (this field is NOT case sensitive, if unsure of spelling just enter the first 3 or 4 characters, do NOT include a street type or direction in this field) - mandatory search field
  • select the street type (AVE, RD, ST, etc) from the drop down (all valid street types in Mississauga are included in this list) - optional search field
  • select the direction ( N, S, E, W) from the drop down (this is an optional field and should only be used if you have a direction).- optional search field

Address Look Up for Condo Properties Instructions

  • The address search does NOT include a unit number field. If you are searching a condo property just enter the street number and street name. The list page will display the unit number.

Property Look Up by Roll Number Instructions

  • The roll number format on your current Tax Bill does not match to the format on eCtiy. We are in process of changing this so the format matches. The roll number on your MPAC Property Assessment Notice does match to our format.
  • The 21 and 05 are defaulted as these represents the Region of Peel and Mississauga.
  • The next field represents the next (3) numbers in your roll number
  • The next field represents the next (3) numbers in your roll number
  • The next field represents the next (5) numbers in your roll number
  • The next field represents the next (4) numbers in your roll number. These would be (4) zeros
  • There is no need to enter the last (2) digits displayed on your Tax Bill

Possible Error messages and other Considerations

  • This browse by street name is limited to display a maximum of 600 records before displaying a message to refine your selection. The resultant query has been cancelled due to an excessive number of records. Please refine you search criteria.
  • Property Not Found - Your entered search criteria did not find any matching records. Please refine your search and try again.
  • If more than one record is found, the Property Listing page will be displayed. Select the property by clicking on the Street Name link. You can change the sort order by clicking on the appropriate title link. For example to sort by Address, click on the Address title.
  • When search by Street Name only, you may come across properties in the list with street number values equal to zero. These are some times vacant properties and if you have your roll number or know the property owner you maybe be able to location vacant parcels in this manner.
  • Owner Name data is displayed to help users locate properties only and is not an indication of actual ownership.
  • Owner Site data may represent the deed date in some cases but more likely is the last update date of the tax client record.

Property Detail
Property Details displays general information regarding the property. This information is captured from a number of different sources. The information displayed does not constitute an opinion or advice of, or representation by, The Corporation of the City of Mississauga of the lawfulness of the use of the property or the building thereon, nor compliance with any applicable laws, codes, and regulations.

Tax and Assessment
Here you can view the current assessed value of the property and see the levy against the assessment. You can also view the previous year's figures. You can only view the Tax Balance if you have your Tax Customer Number located on your Tax Bill.

Building Permits
The Building Permit page displays a listing of all Building Permits associated with the property. Since properties may contain multiple buildings, you may see different addresses than originally requested in your lookup.

Development Applications
The Development Applications page displays a listing of all Development Applications. Development Applications are in some cases the prerequisite to a Building Permit. These applications include ReZonings, Subdivision, Site Plans, and Official Plan Amendments.

Committee of Adjustment
The Committee of Adjustment is authorized by the Ontario Planning Act to grant minor variances from the provisions of the Zoning By-law, to permit extensions, enlargements or variations of existing legal non-conforming uses or give consent to an owner of land who wishes to sell, convey or transfer a "part" of their land.

Mississauga's heritage, which extends over 10,000 years, includes archaeological resources, numerous residential, commercial and industrial buildings, views, vistas, ridge lines, scenic routes, and a variety of natural heritage properties. To view details about the inventory item, click on the INV # link. There are over 600 properties listed on the City's Heritage Inventory.  The City is proud to have created Ontario's first Heritage Conservation District, Meadowvale Village, and is currently planning for a second Heritage Conservation District in Old Port Credit.

Use this link to access a graphical representation of the subject property. View property lines, building outlines, roads, and aerial photos.

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