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Read More About Tax Certificates

This service allows you to obtain a certificate showing the current tax status of a specified property.  There is a $50.00 fee associated with this service.  Be sure to select the correct property, there are no refunds. 

Here's how the online Tax Certificate process works :

NOTE : you are required to be logged in to use this service, so you will need to register and provide billing information

  • Select the Purchase Tax certificate service from the Plan and Build Services Centre accessed from the Online Services menu.
  • Find the subject property by Address or Roll Number.
  • Confirm your property selection by reviewing the data displayed on the screen and/or use the MapIt link to see a graphical representation of the subject property.
  • Once you are satisfied that you have selected the correct property, click on the Purchase Tax Certificate link.
  • At this point you will be taken to the eStore and product description page is displayed. The address, legal description, and roll number are provided for confirmation. If you are still satisfied that you have the correct property and wish to continue, press the Continue Checkout button.
  • The Quick Cart checkout page is displayed where you MUST acknowledge the Privacy Policy statement. Fill in any missing billing information and click on the Continue Check button.
  • The Order Review page will be displayed. This will be your final confirmation page before purchasing. You need to complete the Credit Card Information block and press Submit.
  • If the credit card transaction was successful, the Order Confirmation page will be displayed. Please print this page for future reference.
  • At this point you are finished the purchase/order portion. You will receive (2) emails. The first email will contain order information. The second email will contain shipping / fulfillment information, and will contain a link to your Digital Downloads Centre where you can access your Tax certificate. You can also access your Digital Downloads by selecting Digital Downloads from the eStore menu item under Services Online. An email will be sent when the Tax Certificate order has been filled and is available in your digital Download. Please note that Tax Certificates requested by 4:30 pm will be processed in a batch over night. Therefore, your second email will be sent within 24 business hours.

What is a Digital Download?

A digital download is a method of delivering a product. In this case a Tax Certificate. Simply click on the Address link in the Digital Download page. A report will be generated to the screen and you will be able to print the report.

Your digital downloads will remain on the site indefinitely for your records. We will keep financial transaction records for seven years. We will also keep a copy of the Tax Certificate for our records.

Other Information

If you have questions or require assitance regarding Tax Certificate, please call the Tax Office at (905)896-5575.