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Read More About Departmental Reports

These reports are provided as public information. The information contained in the reports is deemed to be public information. They will be no private individual names, addresses, or phone numbers in accordance with Privacy legislation.

The reports are provided in a spirit of public information and are NOT provided with the intent that private individuals or companies can solicit profit or gain.

It is the intent that reports will be posted on this site on a monthly basis. Once the previous month's data is verified by staff, the reports will be generated as PDF documents and posted to this site. Reports will remain for one year only.

We do have the ability to create ASCII delimited type reports that can be downloaded and imported into your applications. These reports will be provide on an 'as requested' basis and there will be a fee associated with the report.

Some reports do have a fee association and will be delivered through an eStore purchase and shipping will be through our Digital Download process. The fees associated with these reports are the same fee that is prescribed in our Fees and Charges bylaw. These reports will only be available online and you will not be able to request these reports in person.

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