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Report a Damaged Tree

Use this service to report damage to a City owned tree caused by:

  • vehicle accident
  • garbage truck
  • snow plow
  • construction equipment
  • vandalism
  • storms (hanging branches)

This service is
mobile enabled

Use our mobile app to complete this request

To submit a request you will need to:


1. Provide a valid Mississauga street address

You need to provide the street address for this service request. If the address cannot be found in our system you may need to call 3-1-1 to make your request.

2. Provide your contact information and email

Your email address will be used to send you a confirmation, and to help you receive status updates on your request.

Please confirm the following:


I am reporting damage to a City owned tree

City owned trees include those on the road allowance portion of a residential or commercial property.
Trees located on private property are the property owner’s responsibility and a private contractor/arborist should be contacted.

This tree is not creating a hazard or public safety risk

If a tree or branch has fallen or is at risk of falling and is therefore dangerous call 3-1-1.

This tree is not resting on or touching any hydro lines.

If a tree or branch is resting or touching hydro lines, call Alectra at 905-273-9050.

This tree is not located in a park or at an intersection

To report damage to trees in parks or at intersections call 3-1-1.

I agree to the following terms

Your personal information is collected under the authority of sections 11(1) and 227(c) of the Municipal Act, 2001. The personal information will be used by City of Mississauga Staff for responding to your service request and/or inquiry. We may also follow-up with you or collect feedback once the service request has been closed. Questions regarding this collection should be addressed to Manager, 3-1-1 Citizen Contact Centre, 300 City Centre Drive, Mississauga, Ontario, Canada L5B 3C1. Telephone 3-1-1 or 905-615-4311 outside Mississauga.

Start Date

An inspection will be completed within 30 business days

End Date

If work is required, completion date will be provided by Forestry staff