Schedule Permit Inspections
Schedule Inspection

This feature allows you to schedule an inspection on an issued building permit at your convenience, even before or after normal business hours. You will require your Permit Number and WEB Access ID (printed on the Building Permit Notice).


When scheduling an inspection, only include the actual number portion. You do not need to include the application type or year in the Application # box. For example, your full application identification may be BP 3NEW 10 9999 FDN. You only need to include the 9999 portion in the Application # box.

If you intend to return to schedule subsequent inspections you should take advantage of the 'My Applications' feature to bookmark the permit. You can read about how My Applications works by clicking on the link below.

If you have questions or require assistance to use this service, you can contact our Inspections Section at (905) 896-5660 during normal business hours. All inspections requested via this feature will be schedule for the next business day.

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