Public notice

BL.09-CIT (All Wards)

To make changes to the following sections of the Zoning By-law:

  • Definitions (new or amended) – for buildable area, context grade, gross floor area (GFA) – infill residential, flat roof, lot coverage, parapet, sight triangle, sloped roof, and height.
  • General Provisions – to specify a minimum setback for rooftop balconies abutting a residential zone
  • Parking, Loading and Stacking Lane Regulations – unobstructed access from driveways or aisles
  • General Provisions for Residential Zones – to restrict decks on top of detached garages; permit window wells in rear yards; provide flexibility for open to below restrictions in infill dwellings; and, adding buildable area regulations
  •  Greenlands Zones – to provide flexibility for type of materials used to construct parking areas