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Apply for a plan of subdivision

A subdivision is created when land is divided into lots or blocks for the purpose of sale.

A plan of subdivision is a legal survey which shows how the property has been divided, the location of new roads or services and outlines the proposed use of the lots or blocks.

The proposal for a plan of subdivision must conform with the Mississauga Official Plan, which often results in concurrent applications being processed for an Official Plan Amendment and a rezoning.

Development Application Review Committee

Prior to submitting an application, a pre-application meeting with the Development Application Review Committee (DARC) is required. The pre-application meeting will allow City staff and other external agencies an opportunity to provide the applicant with application submission requirements and identify high level issues.

Pre-application meetings with the DARC can be requested by submitting your request online though ePlans.

For more information on requesting a pre-application meeting, please refer to the Pre-Application Meeting Request document.

After a DARC meeting, an Application for an Official Plan Amendment, Rezoning or Plan of Subdivision can be submitted.

To arrange for submission, please call 311 (905-615-4311 outside City limits) or email to communicate with a member of the Planning Services Centre (PSC) team.