Apply for payment in lieu of off-street parking

If you’re a commercial or industrial building owner or occupant and you’re not providing enough parking on your property, you need to submit a payment in lieu of off-street parking (PIL) application.

All PIL applications must be submitted online through ePlans.

Online application process

1. Create account and make application request

Start by creating an ePlans account. Then log into ePlans and follow the steps to submit your PIL request and pay the administration fee.

2. Upload drawings and documents

Shortly after submitting your PIL request, you’ll receive an email from the City that includes your temporary project number and an invitation to upload drawings and supporting documents, such as a site plan, floor plans and parking justification study. You’ll also need to submit your application form and schedules.

3. Prescreen review

After you upload the required information, we’ll do a “prescreen” review to ensure the minimum requirements are met. If everything is correct, we’ll let you know what additional fees need to be paid.

If we still need more information, you’ll be sent a “prescreen corrections” email. All prescreen corrections will need to be made by you in order to move ahead with the application process.

4. Your application is created

Once your request passes the prescreen review and you have paid the fees required, your application will be created and we’ll send you a new application number via email.

5. Department review and PIL agreement

Your application will then be sent for a detailed review by the relevant review groups.

Part of the review will be to confirm the shortage of parking spaces and to provide you with the PIL agreement, which includes the total amount you’ll be required to pay. You need to complete this agreement and submit it back to us through ePlans for a further review.

6. PIL agreement confirmed

Once the PIL agreement is finalized and confirmed by staff, it can be signed by the property owner and the Planning and Building Commissioner.

If your parking shortage is more than ten spaces, the finalized agreement will have to be approved by the Planning and Development Committee.

The agreement should be registered on the property’s title. You’ll be emailed a copy of the signed agreement.

Contact us

If you need more information about PIL, call 311 (905-615-4311 outside City limits) or email