Submit a telecommunication tower request

Telecommunication towers built by service providers are regulated by the federal government’s Radiocommunication Act. All final decisions about the location and construction of a tower are made by the federal government agency Innovation, Science and Economic Development (ISED) Canada.

Telecommunication tower protocol

In some cases the City can provide comments to ISED Canada for consideration. In those cases, service providers should review the City’s Telecommunication Antenna/Tower Siting Protocol. And follow the steps below to request a preliminary meeting.

1. Create account and submit pre-application meeting request

Start by creating an ePlans account. Then log into ePlans and follow the steps to submit your pre-application meeting request, which includes uploading your drawings and documents.

You should submit the following drawings and documents with your pre-application meeting request:

  1. Cover letter describing the tower or antenna system, including height and dimensions
  2. Site plan or survey plan
  3. Site selection / justification report
  4. Elevation plan or simulated images

Drawings and documents should be saved in the correct view orientation.

File names for all drawings should include the first letter of the discipline name, such as “A” for architectural, followed by the three digit sheet number and drawing type. For example, “A100 – Site Plan”.

Each drawing plan sheet should be an individual file.

Make sure to use the “Complete – Notify the City of Mississauga” button to submit your request.

Once we receive your pre-application meeting request we’ll review the drawings and documents you’ve submitted, tell you what additional information is required, or any changes that should be made.

All feedback will also be available for you to view in ePlans.

2. Submit telecommunication tower request

When you’re ready to submit your telecommunication tower request, log into ePlans and follow the steps to create a request and pay the administration fee.

Shortly after submitting your telecommunication tower request, you’ll receive an email that includes your temporary project number and an invitation to upload the required documents.

You’ll be given a Submission Requirements Checklist at your DARC meeting. This will list the drawings and documents you need to upload, which will be some or all of the following:

Forms and schedules

Supporting information

  • Draft public notification package, including draft wording of any newspaper notice
  • Draft wording for site sign

Detailed information about these documents are outlined in the Telecommunication Antenna/Tower Siting Protocol.

3.  Pay the fee

You’ll also need to pay the request fee online through ePlans.

If you need a public consultation, the fee in 2021 will be $4,412. If you don’t need a public consultation, the fee will be $3,029.78.

City staff will determine any additional fee requirements to create the mailing list for adjacent property owners ($1.00 per property; $50 minimum)

4. Review

Once we receive your request we’ll review the documents you’ve submitted and tell you if additional information is required, or any changes need to be made.

If all of the information is correct, you’ll be able to proceed with public notification and consultation.

Contact information

If you have questions or concerns about a tower in your area or the decision-making process, you may want to contact Industry Canada or your local Member of Parliament.

If you’ve received a public notification about a tower being built in your area, you can submit written comments to the service provider in accordance with the notice.

If you have questions about health issues related to telecom towers, contact Health Canada.

If you need more information about your application, call 311 (905-615-4311 outside City limits) or email