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Development charges by-laws and rates

The City collects its own Development Charges (DCs). It also collects development charges on behalf of the Region of Peel, GO Transit, the Peel District School Board and Dufferin-Peel Catholic District School Board.

DC rates are indexed twice a year on February 1 and August 1.

Current rates

February 1, 2022 DC rates will apply to building permits issued on or after February 1, 2022, unless the development charge is determined on an alternative day as outlined under Section 26.2 of the Development Charges Act.

City Council enacted the current Development Charges By-law on June 19, 2019. Other applicable development charges include:

2022 Development Charges and Community Benefits Charge By-law Review

The City is currently updating its 2019 Development Charges (DC) by-law (0096-2019) by preparing a new 2022 DC Background Study in accordance with the Development Charges Act, 1997.

Recent changes to the Planning Act have resulted in the need to develop a new Community Benefits Charge (CBC) by-law supported by a CBC Strategy.

The draft 2022 DC Background Study and By-law, and CBC Strategy and By-law are planned to be presented at a Statutory Public Meeting in February 2022 for feedback and comments. These draft documents and by-laws are tentatively scheduled to be presented for Council approval in March 2022

You can view the following corporate reports related to the DC and CBC By-law Review below:

  • General Committee, November 17, 2021: Item 10.2 Community Benefits Charge Strategy Project Update.
  • Budget Committee, June 21, 2021: Item 7.1 – 2022 Development Charges Background Study and Community Benefits Charge Update
  • General Committee, March 31, 2021: Item 9.3 – Mississauga’s Population and Employment Forecasts for the Development Charges and Community Benefits Charge By-law Review and Item 9.4 – Development Charges Background Study and Community Benefits Charge Strategy Project Update

You can view the following presentations from the stakeholder meetings below:

You can view the technical inputs to the draft 2022 DC Study below:

As information becomes available it will be posted here. For questions/comments please contact Shahada Khan, Manager, Development Financing & Reserve Management at

Historical Development Charges By-law Review

The City’s Parkland Conveyance By-law is being updated based on development in Mississauga and recent legislative changes to the Planning Act. Stakeholder consultation is underway at key project milestones to share details about the alternative rate methodology and gather feedback on the proposed by-law changes. The new by-law is expected to come before Council in early 2022.

To support the by-law, a Parks Plan is being drafted to review Mississauga’s city-wide parkland needs.

The plan will also identify areas of the City that present or will present parkland deficit, satisfy the requirements of the Planning Act and provide a base for the parkland conveyance by-law to demonstrate the need to collect land and/or cash-in-lieu.

Stakeholder consultation will be undertaken and included in the plan that is expected to come before Council by late 2021.

The City provided an update on both projects in a Parkland Conveyance By-law and Parks Plan Update report to Budget Committee on June 23, 2021.

Please email to be added to the stakeholder list or with questions regarding the Parkland Conveyance By-law and Parks Plan.

Changes to the Development Charges Act

On January 1, 2020, changes to the Development Charges Act (1997) came into effect.

These changes altered when Development Charges are calculated and collected. They also include a ‘freezing’ of Development Charge rates at an earlier stage in the planning process, pursuant under Section 26.2 of the DCA, and ‘deferral’ of development charge payments for certain types of developments, pursuant under Section 26.1 of the DCA.

As part of these changes, the City and Region are allowed to charge interest on both ‘frozen’ and ‘deferred’ development charge payments.

On February 3, 2021, City Council adopted a corporate policy entitled Development Charges Interest Rates and Associated Payments.

On July 9, 2020, Regional Council approved the Development Charges Interest Rate policy and enacted By-law 21-2020. This policy and by-law applies to GO Transit Development Charges as well.