Mississauga Key to Success

Our 62,000-strong business community is diverse and includes many Fortune 500 headquarters and leading clusters in life sciences, aerospace, automotive, financial services, and information & communications technologies.


Life Sciences
Life Sciences

Mississauga's Life Sciences sector began in the 1960's with one company and today it is the second largest cluster in Canada.

Life Science Profile
Life Science Incentives
Life Science Cluster Map
Life Science Core Business Map



Information & Communications Technologies
Automotive & Aerospace Clusters

The automotive and aerospace sectors are the manufacturing engine of Ontario's economy.

Aerospace Sector Map



FIRE Focus
Financial Services

Mississauga is a key player in the global economy, with a growing and dynamic Finance, Insurance and Real Estate (FIRE) sector.
Financial Services Sector Map


Information & Communications Technologies
Information & Communications Technologies

The Mississauga ICT cluster continues to be a major catalyst for growth, powering advances in all sectors and synergies for further innovation.
ICT Sector Map


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