Join the history hunt

To celebrate the City of Mississauga’s 50th anniversary, the Museums of Mississauga has hidden 50 artifacts across the city, each with their own unique story. Join the scavenger hunt and discover Mississauga’s hidden stories, one artifact at a time.


How to participate

Participate in the self-guided scavenger hunt in one of three ways:

  1. Download the app
    • Download the History Hunt app on your Android or iOS device by searching for “History Hunt 2024”
    • Scan the QR codes at each checkpoint to earn digital badges
  2. Access on your browser
    • Scan the QR codes at each checkpoint to earn digital badges
  3. Encounter one of the checkpoints in Mississauga
    • Scan the QR code for the browser experience or download the app

You can also participate by sharing a story about little-known people, places or events that have shaped Mississauga. Share a story and we may just include it in the History Hunt!


When the QR code is scanned at each checkpoint, you will unlock exclusive stories about Mississauga, and start to earn virtual badges for a chance to win prizes throughout 2024.

Monthly Giveaways

  • To enter for a chance to win monthly prize giveaways from January to December 2024, complete one full tour (5 checkpoints)
  • Once completed, take screenshots of the five digital badges and email them to
  • There will be a random draw at the end of each month in 2024 to award prizes
  • Prizes include gift cards to local restaurants and experiences, and tickets to local shows and sports games

Grand Prize

  • To enter for a chance to win a Nintendo Switch, you must complete all 10 tours, which includes 50 checkpoints city-wide
  • Take screenshots of the badges earned and email them to
  • This mission will be open year-round, with the random draw occurring at the end of December 2024

Prizes can be picked up from Bradley Museum or Benares Historic House visitor desks.

Full contest rules and regulations (PDF)