Catalogue upgrade

Mississauga Library has launched a new, upgraded library catalogue.

We have made this change because we want to provide the best services possible to our community. The new catalogue has a better search, provides the option for users to keep track of their reading and allows users to connect and discover titles in new ways.

Mobile App

Download the library app to manage your account, check out, renew, and download titles. Available on Apple or Android devices.

Learn how to use the new catalogue and mobile app by watching our quick instructional videos.

Frequently Asked Questions

Registration allows you create a unique easy-to-remember username you can use to log in, so you don’t have to type your barcode every time you want to check your account. Registration also allows you to get personalized recommendations and contribute ratings and reviews.

You don’t, that is an optional field that you can leave blank.

You can login with your username or your library card number – that’s up to you. The reason we require all users to select a unique username is because the new catalogue has additional optional functionality, like commenting on books and keeping track of your reading on shelves. And to support this, we need all users to create a unique username. For assistance with creating an account, you can view this instructional video.

The titles you saved were not lost, they have been migrated to your new account but first have to be imported.

You can import all of the items from your lists. Just go to your Dashboard and then click the Import button to import your lists from the old catalogue. This is a one-time process.

You can then access them by going to My Collections and clicking on Lists and editing your items as needed. For assistance with importing your lists, you can view this instructional video.



To renew your item, go to Checkouts, select the item you want to renew and click the Renew button

You can select multiple items or even all the items on your first page by clicking Select 25 items at the top of your list and clicking Renew. If you have more than 25 items checked out, go to the second page of items and repeat the process. For assistance with renewing your items, you can view this instructional video.

To pay your fees online, log into your account, go to Fees to review and pay. For assistance with paying your fees online, you can view this instructional video.

To view a list of your Holds, click On Hold under the My Account drop down menu. For assistance with viewing your holds, you can view this instructional video.

Turn on single-click holds to skip the step of selecting a pickup location when you place a hold. We’ll use your first preferred location as the default.

To activate single-click holds or edit your default pick up location, log into your account, go to My Settings, scroll to Account Preferences and click Change in the Holds and Pickup Location settings.

Suspended holds made prior to the upgrade may not appear as paused. To pause your hold go to your holds, select item(s) and select Pause with an end date. For assistance with placing and updating your holds, you can view this instructional video.

You can select which information you want to share with others. To review your privacy settings for your feed and your shelves, log in go to My Settings and select your Privacy Settings.

A community moderation model is used on the new catalogue. You are able to click the Report This link to report anything you think is inappropriate. When three separate users report something, the comment is automatically removed and reviewed against the Terms of Use of the catalogue.

If you have additional questions, email us at