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Loans and fees

As of January 1, 2022 Mississauga Library is fine free. In order to provide barrier free and equitable access to all of our customers, the library is no longer charging daily overdue fines. Some fees, such as replacement fees for lost and damaged items, are still in effect.

More information and Frequently Asked Questions below.

If you still have outstanding fees on your account, you can pay in person or online.

  • In person, visit your nearest library location. The library accepts payments until 15 minutes before closing. Only available when library locations are open.
  • Online, log into your account through the Library Catalogue and click the Pay Now button, which will appear when you have at least $1.00 owing. To learn more about making online payments watch our video tutorial.
You can pay online with Visa (excluding Visa Debit), Mastercard (excluding Debit Mastercard), or American Express.

Account limits and fees

  • All eligible items will be automatically renewed on their due date. If an item has holds it will not be renewed.
  • Log into your account to see the status of your items. If you have email notification set up, we will notify you on the due date with a list of items and their new due dates. To set up email notification, call or visit your library location.
  • Your account will be blocked if you have items that are overdue for 21 days or more or if you owe $15 or more in fees.
  • Items will be set to lost after 28 days overdue and your account will be billed, also a $5 non-refundable processing fee per item will be added. The replacement charge will be waived if the items are returned within a year from the due date of the item.


  • Lost or damaged items – replacement cost in full
  • Replacement library card – $2
  • Non-resident card – annual fee of $40
  • Lost or damaged hotspot – $200
  • Lost or damaged Chromebook/laptop – $550
  • Non-refundable processing fee – $5
  • Family activity passes – $30 for PAMA, $135 for Conservation Parks pass, $99 for Ontario Parks pass

Outstanding charges

The library may use a collection agency to recover outstanding charges of $20 or more for long overdue items. Additional fees may be added to your account once you are referred to a collection agency.

Frequently asked questions

The library is removing barriers to ensure equitable access to library services to all Mississauga residents. We want to eliminate the negative impact of library fines especially for the vulnerable population. Fines can affect those who need the service the most.

Overdue fines are also not a sustainable revenue source for libraries, especially as digital collections, which do not have overdue fines, continue to grow. In addition, Mississauga Library is following the best practices set by many North American libraries who have already eliminated fines.

The library is no longer charging overdue fines – charges accumulated on any item not returned by its due date. Other fees will still be in effect and you will still be charged for lost or damaged items and non-resident fees. All existing overdue fines will be erased on January 31, 2022, but any outstanding fees (for example lost or damaged items) will remain on your account.

You will no longer be charged daily fines on overdue items. You are still responsible for returning your items in a timely manner. The library will send you reminders with your pending due date as well as if items become overdue. If there are no other library customers who have placed holds on your borrowed items, the due dates on those items will be automatically renewed up to five times. We suggest switching to email notifications, as that is the most effective way to receive information about your account. You can email, call or visit the library to update your account.

You are still responsible for returning your items in a timely manner, as other people may be waiting for them. If your item is not returned before the due date, and there are no other holds on it, the library will automatically renew it in order to avoid your account being blocked or the item being flagged as lost. Your account will be blocked once an item is 21 days overdue. Once an item is 28 days overdue, it will be considered lost, at which time you will be charged the replacement fee and a one-time non-refundable processing fee of $5 per item.

Items can be renewed up to five times if there are no holds on them. The library will automatically renew your items as they reach their due date if no one else is waiting to borrow them. Items with holds will not be renewed and will become overdue. You will receive notices to inform you that your item is overdue.

Libraries throughout North American and in Ontario that have moved to fine free have reported no significant increase in late returns or longer hold times. Customers will still be charged a replacement fee for items that have not been returned.

If you have items that are more than 21 days overdue or have been considered lost after 28 days overdue, you will be blocked from borrowing additional physical items. You will also be blocked from borrowing if you owe more than $15 in fees. While blocked, you can continue to borrow digital items.

Lost items will be removed from the system one year after the due date. Bringing back items within that year will remove the replacement cost from your account. There will be no overdue charges, but you will still be charged a $5 non-refundable processing fee for every item that was considered lost. Once the item has been removed from the system, refunds will not be issued.

Items with waiting lists will not be eligible for automatic renewal and will still have to be brought back by their due date. Customers will receive notifications more frequently about overdue items to encourage them to return popular materials sooner. We encourage you to switch to email notices to ensure you are getting all of the notifications available. In addition, library staff regularly review the holds list and purchase additional copies of popular items as needed.

We thank you for supporting the Mississauga Library but it is not the library’s policy to refund previously paid fines.

Yes, as part of going fine free, we have increased our notification frequency. We recommend signing up for email notifications, as it is the most efficient system. If you have opted in for email notices, we will notify you prior to your item’s due date and also once it has become overdue. We will notify you five times through email before you are blocked and charged for the item. You will receive a notification regarding which of your items were automatically renewed and if some were ineligible for renewal.

Phone and text notification are also available, but more limited. We suggest switching to email notifications, as that is the most effective way to receive information about your account. You can email, call or visit the library to update your account.

You can check the status of your account by logging in here. (Your pin is typically the last four digits of the phone number on record). You can also call or visit your library location to check on the status of your account.

If you had charges on your account in the past, all unpaid overdue fines will be waived on January 31, but you may still see charges for lost or damaged items. For more information, contact the library for details.