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Hazel McCallion Central Library

301 Burnhamthorpe Road West
Open today from 9:00 am to 9:00 pm

Rooms and features

Hazel McCallion Central Library is designed for diverse interests, passions and convenience. With dedicated spaces for both children and adults, there are opportunities for community learning and engagement throughout the entire library.

Collections at a glance

Hazel McCallion Central Library has 180,000 items in various formats spread across five floors.

  • First floor: Children’s collection, DVDs and holds pick-up
  • Second floor: Fiction, youth, audiobooks, music and videogames
  • Third floor: Non-fiction, documentaries
  • Fourth floor: World languages, magazines, newspapers

Explore Hazel McCallion Central Library

Use the interactive map of the library to check out the floor layouts, review room details and locate all rooms and features. Simply select the floor you want to review, then select the text or icons displayed on each floor plan for details about the space or amenity.

Technology and resources

Access Mississauga’s historical materials, resources designed to support individuals and families and self-automated tech devices that make borrowing and returning library items easy.

Self check-out kiosk

Borrow items using the self-check-out kiosks located on all five floors. All self-check-out kiosks are height adjustable and can be accessed with a valid library card.

Automated self-return unit

Return your borrowed items using the automated self-return unit outside the Hazel McCallion Central Library entrance on Living Arts Drive. A library card is not required to complete the automated self-check-in. Check out visual and audio instructions on how to use the automated self-return unit.

Borrow a laptop or iPad from our device-lending kiosks found on floors 1, 2 and 3. A valid library card is required to sign out devices for same-day, in-library usage. Borrowed devices must be returned to the kiosk by the end of the day.

Access Mississauga’s historical archive, digitize print media (books, newspapers, maps) and convert legacy media (VHS, VHS-C, MiniDV, Hi8, cassette tapes) at our Digitization and Mississauga History room.

These services are available Monday to Saturday.

Resources and materials include the following:

  • Expertise of local history librarians
  • Online photo database
  • Access to family records
  • Local newspapers
  • Digitizing equipment

Please review the Local History Room and Digitization Lab Policy

Starting in January,  place items on hold for pickup at Hazel McCallion Central Library’s holds lockers located in the Glass Pavillion. The hold lockers feature 20 viewable slots for browsing and borrowing.

Accessible options for pickup are available for those who need it. A valid library card is required to retrieve items placed on hold.

Access information and resources designed to support individuals and families without homes and/or experiencing mental health issues at the Open Window Hub.

Information and resources are provided through referrals to community services and agencies.

Available spaces

Explore, relax, learn and have fun in the specialized rooms and spaces.

Access gaming computer stations, console stations and virtual reality (VR) stations at Hazel McCallion Central Library’s gaming room.

Customers must be at least 13 years old to use the gaming room without adult supervision. Customers under the age of 13 must be accompanied by a parent or caregiver (18+) to access the gaming room, and are prohibited from using the VR stations.

Drop-ins are welcome for each station, but preference will be given to customers with reservations. Online reservations can be made with a valid library card through the computer booking system.

Please review the Gaming Room Guidelines.

Gaming stations

  • There are five gaming stations in total
  • All sessions are one hour long
  • A valid Steam account is required to use gaming stations. Connect with library staff for help with creating a Steam account.

Console stations

  • There are five console stations
  • Consoles include Microsoft Xbox Series X, Sony Playstation 5 and Nintendo Switch
  • All sessions are one hour long
  • A valid library card is required to sign out console controllers for same-day, in-library usage

VR station

  • There is one PlayStation VR2 station
  • All sessions are 30 minutes long
  • A valid library card is required to sign out VR headsets and controllers for same-day, in-library usage

Our interactive and creative children’s space is located on the first floor and features collections for all ages and tools and programming areas suitable for children’s activities.

Special features include the following:

  • Children’s touch tables and computers
  • Computer stations for parents
  • Interactive displays

Drop-ins are welcome and no library card is needed to access the space.

Fully equipped with all kitchen utensils and appliances, The Kitchen offers learning opportunities related to health, nutrition and food literacy through library programs. Check the programs page in Spring 2024 for a list of available drop-in programs.

There are 15 meeting rooms at Hazel McCallion Central Library. Rooms have an occupancy limit of four to six people and are equipped with a monitor.

All meeting rooms are booked through ActiveNet and don’t require a library card. Check out the full list of bookable meeting rooms.

If you need help with booking a meeting room, contact library staff or check out the video and audio guide.

Use the interactive map to check the location and details of all meeting rooms.

The Multi-Faith Prayer Room is a quiet drop-in, mixed-gender and mixed-faith space. It can be used for prayer, reflection, meditation and other faith-based activities.

The space is equipped with a footbath. See the guidelines for use for more information.

Noel Ryan Auditorium is a multi-use performance space with 240 seats.

Designed in a modern and adaptable way, the auditorium can be set up for various events, and events can be live-streamed or broadcast.

Connect with library staff to learn how you can book the Noel Ryan Auditorium.

Encased in glass and overlooking Celebration Square, this 6,000 square-foot reading lounge provides you with a quiet space to read, study or lounge in.

The Sky Reading Lounge is available on a drop-in basis only, and no valid library card is required to access this space.

Study spaces are available on all five floors and available on a drop-in basis. Most study spaces include power outlets and charging plugs.

Use the interactive map to check the location and details of all study spaces.