Computers, photocopiers, printers, scanners and other types of technology are available to use or borrow at your local library.

Free wifi is available at all library locations through Wireless Mississauga. You can use your library card to book a computer at any library location.


Scanners, printers, and photocopiers are available at all locations. Printing or copying costs $0.15 for black and white prints and $0.50 for colour.

We’ve updated our Printers! Visit any location to use the new system.

Updates include:

  • Colour printers at all locations
  • Scanning and copying at all locations
  • New paper size 11 x 17 (ledger)
  • Remote printing

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Use your Youth or Adult library card to borrow and use a Chromebook.

Chromebooks can be used at home, work, or on-the-go when connected to the Internet. You can borrow the Chromebook for one week from all library locations. Some locations now have Chromebooks available for use in library.

Data on the Chromebook will be erased if shut down or rebooted. Replacement cost for Chromebooks is $550.

Please return the Chromebook directly to a staff member in the library and not through the drop box.

Borrow a Chromebook


Borrow a hotspot device to connect a computer, phone or tablet to wireless Internet for free. Use your library card to borrow a hotspot for up to 21 days at a time. Place a  hold.

Borrow a Carbon Dioxide (CO2) monitor to measure indoor air quality. Knowing the CO2 levels can help you take steps to improve ventilation and lower the risk of airborne infections.

These devices are not carbon monoxide detectors and are not life safety devices.

To learn more, download the CO2 Monitoring for Indoor Air Quality factsheet.

Borrow a CO2 Monitor

Accessible public computers
Accessible public computers are available at all locations, and include a large print keyboard and ZoomText reader that enlarges, enhances and reads aloud everything on the computer screen.

Assistive workstation
The Workstation at Burnhamthorpe Library includes a noise-canceling headset and microphone, accessible mouse and keyboard, scanner, screen reading software, speech recognition software, ZoomText magnifier, and all public workstation software.

DAISY players
Specialized digital accessible players are available for DAISY discs, a browsing collection of audiobooks. The players can be borrowed from all locations with the exception of Cooksville Library and Port Credit Library by customers who have a visual, physical or print disability.

Mississauga Library’s Makerspaces are equipped with technology to develop new and existing skills. Learn about 3D printing, audio and video design, textile arts, digital media skills and more.

Foster skills with high-end creative workstations, access to professional and hobbyist equipment, hands-on experimental learning, and recording spaces.

Find information on available equipment, introductory programs, material costs, and booking procedures:

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Available at most locations. Light therapy aims to copy outdoor light and reduces the effects of Seasonal Affective Disorders. Ask your health provider if light therapy is a good option for you.