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Printing and photocopying at the library

Printing, photocopying and scanning services are available at all Mississauga Library locations. You can print using a library computer or from your own device.

If you have a Mississauga Library card, you already have access to a Library Print Account. Log in to submit your print jobs remotely through Web Print or load your account balance by credit card. Print at any library location using cash, debit or credit card.

Login to your Library Print Account

Watch this video to help you get started with the printing system.

Print Type Cost
8.5 by 11 inches letter size (black and white) $0.15
8.5 by 14 inches legal size (black and white) $0.15
11 by 17 inches ledger size (black and white) $0.15
Double sided (black and white) $0.30
8.5 by 11 inches letter size (colour) $0.50
8.5 by 14 inches legal size (colour) $0.50
11 by 17 inches ledger size (colour) $0.50
Double sided  (colour) $1.00
Scan to email No Charge

*Prices include tax

Send your document to print while using a Public PC and release your print job at the print release station or the printer. You will need to log in with your library card and pin number to release your document. Please note that the default option is black and white, if you want to print in colour you will have to select colour from the print options drop down menu.

You can print your items from any device using either Web Print or Email to Print. Accepted file types: Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF, Image files (.jpg, .png, .tiff), and text

Web Print

Click here to for a step by step video about how to use Web Print.

  1. Ensure the document you’d like to print is saved in the desired paper size. Check Printing Prices for available sizes.
  2. Log into your Library Print Account and choose Web Print from the side menu.
  3. Select either black and white or colour
  4. Enter the number of copies you’d like.
  5. Upload your document from your computer or device.
  6. Head to your local Library to retrieve your print job at the print release station or the printer.

Email to Print

Email your document as an attachment to:

You will receive an email confirmation to let you know that your request was successfully accepted. You will also be notified if your request was not accepted and how to proceed. You can then release the print job at the print release station or the printer. You will need to log in with your library card and pin number.

Scanning using a flat bed scanner or document feeder for documents with multiple pages is available at all locations. Customers can print or send scanned documents to their email in a variety of sizes and file types.

You can pay with Visa (excluding Visa Debit), Mastercard (excluding Debit Mastercard), or American Express. The personal information collected through online payments and purchases is collected under the authority of the Public Libraries Act, R.S.O. 1990, c. P.44, and personal information will only be used for verifying and processing payments with respect to Mississauga Public Library fees and charges. Questions related to the collection of this personal information should be directed to the Library Director’s Office, 301 Burnhamthorpe Rd. W., Mississauga, Ontario L5B 3Y3, (905) 615-3200 ex 3610.