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We know that there are global issues concerning our rapidly declining environment. We know that change needs to occur quickly and effectively if we hope to maintain a healthy environment.

All over the world positive steps have been taken to help reduce the damage to the land, air and water we so desperately need. Often the solutions to these world wide issues are found in the daily choices we make. We have started to shop with re-usable bags instead of disposable plastic bags; we have started to choose re-usable drinking bottles instead of plastic water bottles. We have made choices to positively affect our environment. We know that car exhaust and gasoline consumption by cars has a negative effect on the environment. We know that as a population many of us do not get the required daily amount of physical activity to keep us in good health. As a society we have shown success in our efforts to reduce reuse and recycle proving that we do want to make a difference.

Is it time then to re-evaluate how we use our cars? Should we make each trip a conscious choice rather than the "get in the car and go" habit? The short trips to the grocery store can be done without the car on occasion. Car pooling should become more regular and not just to and from work, but to sporting events, recreation programs and school. We need to encourage high school and middle school students to use public transit to and from school instead of driving to school. Or if possible it would be even better if the students walked to and from school. As adults ask yourself how often you walked to and from destinations. By following a few simple safety tips our children could benefit a great deal from walking to and from school.

Perhaps itís time. We know better, we are willing to do better; now we must do. Active transportation is better for the environment, better for our health and better for our pocketbook.

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