Fall 2022 Programs are now available to preview on our new Active Mississauga system. Enrollment for programs will begin September 12 for residents and September 14 for non-residents.  Fall 2022 registered programs begin September 24.


Please submit a facility rental request form.

We are currently upgrading our booking software and want to ensure your request is held in a queue to be processed on our new system. Once the new system is up and running, our staff will reach out to you to confirm availability and process your request.

Need help completing the form? No problem. Our customer service centre staff are happy to assist you in completing the form. Call 905-615-4100 for assistance.

You can rent spaces at our community centres, museums, arenas, and other City locations to host events like birthday parties, weddings, religious celebrations, meetings, indoor and outdoor sports activities, ice time, or community gatherings.

Find a space to rent, and see photos and details of our rental spaces.

Choose the way that works for you:

If your requested date is before September 5, we’ll contact you within two business days to review your request to confirm availability and pricing.

Special event license

A special event could be a community gathering, cultural celebration, social gathering, sporting event, temporary farmer’s market, the grand opening of a business, or other similar events.

Vendors who don’t have an annual business license from the City of Mississauga will need a special event license to participate in a special event.


You’ll need to purchase facility user insurance for:

  • Social gatherings
  • Outdoor festivals and events
  • Indoor and outdoor sports
  • Participating in City-operated events as a vendor or exhibitor

You can purchase insurance when you book your rental facility, or contact Customer Service at 905-615-4100 to find out more about the City’s Facility User Insurance Program.

Serving alcohol

We’ll explain the requirements for serving alcohol when we contact you about your facility rental request.

If you are serving alcohol at your event, make sure to review the Serving Alcohol Checklist.

You’ll need to give us: