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Sports field closures and status

City of Mississauga staff monitor playing conditions for City-operated baseball and softball diamonds, cricket and soccer pitches, football fields, and artificial turf fields. Updates will be posted below when a sports field is closed due to maintenance, weather, or other reasons. Please bookmark this page for quick reference.

Field conditions can quickly change due to inclement weather and City staff may not be able to formally close all affected locations. In these cases, the permit holder, game official, or coach is responsible for calling the conditions unplayable if they deem the facility unsafe as a result of weather or physical damage to the sports field.
Avoid the use of sports fields when:
  • there are puddles of standing water on the playing surface
  • water is sponging up around your feet when you walk on the field

Last updated on

Current status

No closures. All baseball and T-ball diamonds are open for permitted use.

No closures. All softball diamonds are open for permitted use.

No closures. All soccer pitches are open for permitted use.

No closures. All football fields are open for permitted use.

No closures. All cricket pitches are open for permitted use.

No closures. All turf fields are open for permitted use.

Permit cancellations

To report a service interruption to your sports field booking, the permit holder must contact the Customer Service Centre within 48 hours of the permit date and provide a reason for the cancellation.

Adhering to field closures

Please respect field closures and stop playing in poor conditions. City staff monitor sports fields to ensure that user groups are adhering to closure procedures.

The permit holder is responsible to pay for all damages to the rental field where they (or members and attendees) fail to comply with closure decisions. This is at the discretion of the Director of Parks, Forestry, and Environment (or designate).


For more information, contact our Customer Service Centre at 905-615-4100 or email facility.rentals@misssissauga.ca