*UPDATE* – A heat warning has been issued for the the City of Mississauga as of Thursday, June 1, until further notice. Stay cool at one of our 32 spray pad locations throughout the City.

Swim membership

Do you like to swim and skate? Enjoy a variety of fun, lane, and leisure swims for all ages and skill levels. If you prefer skating, all fun skates are also included.

  • Valid at all 11 indoor pools
  • 7 seasonal outdoor pools
  • 10 arenas
  • Unlimited drop-in recreational swims (except therapeutic times)
  • Unlimited drop-in recreational skates (except hockey stick & puck or shinny)
  • Accessible pool equipment & change rooms

How much it costs

Choose from 12 months, 3 months, or 1-month membership options. Multi-visit passes are also available for those who like to drop in.

Discounted rates apply for youths (4-17 years), full-time students, older adults (55 and above), and persons with a disability. The proof is required for discounted rates.

Swim membership rates

Type of membership 12 months 3 months 1 month Multi-visit (five or more visits) Single-visit
Adult $212.65 $70.88 $27.69 $3.80 per visit $4.22 per visit
Youth $170.12 $56.71 $22.15 $3.04 per visit $3.38 per visit
Full-time students $170.12 $56.71 $22.15 $3.04 per visit $3.38 per visit
Older adults $170.12 $56.71 $22.15 $3.04 per visit $3.38 per visit
Person with disability $170.12 $56.71 $22.15 $3.04 per visit $3.38 per visit
Group $708.14 $236.05 $92.20 N/A $13.85 per visit
  • All prices exclude tax and non-resident fee
  • Children three and under swim for free
  • Groups are a combination of adults and/or children (maximum of five per group)
  • Anyone entering the pool area must pay admission

To purchase a swim membership or a multi-visit pass, please visit your nearest community centre. Adult swim memberships, and adult single and multi-visit passes, can also be bought online.

If you’re not satisfied or need to cancel your membership, you may do so at any time and receive a pro-rated refund.