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Rent this venue

The newly renovated space hosts all types of performances, including music, dance and comedy, and features major upgrades to accommodate corporate, professional and community programming. Learn more about the renovation.


Three rental spaces, including 395-seat theatre, rehearsal hall and lobby
40’ permanent main stage with state-of-the-art sound system
26 single purchase counterweight fly system
On-site concession
Multi-purpose rehearsal hall with separate entrance, waiting area and washrooms
Integrated stage lighting system
Free Wi-Fi for guests

Rental details

Venue bookings at Meadowvale Theatre operate on a first-come, first-serve basis up to one year before the event date.

The newly renovated rehearsal hall is now accepting booking requests.

Before submitting a booking request, review the following documents for information about requirements, regulations and criteria that all events must meet:

To book an event, complete a Rental Inquiry Form and submit it by email to

Sponsorship opportunities

The City runs thousands of programs in multiple facilities across Mississauga every year, including Meadowvale Theatre. These programs provide advertisers with access to wide-ranging and diverse audiences that can meet your brand’s targeted needs.

To learn about the City’s consultative approach and results-oriented mindset that can drive outstanding outcomes for your business and the residents of Mississauga, contact our team at, or visit Sponsorship and Advertising.