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Community Outreach

You’re a part of Mississauga’s story.

We strive to make our museums welcoming and inclusive spaces that reflect the diversity of our community.

Our exhibitions are made up of stories and personal belongings people have shared with us over the years. These contributions help us to better understand the unique history of Mississauga and the many people that have lived here.

Now it’s your turn to see yourself in Mississauga’s museums.

Contribute to our museums

Share a unique story, collection, photograph or other personal item with us. Your contribution could be part of an upcoming exhibition or program at the museum.

If you live in Mississauga, but you have something to share that is not from here, we still welcome you to share with us. The experiences and items we bring from other places play an important role in shaping our City’s culture and history.

Your contribution matters more than you know. We’d love to hear from you.

Complete this form to:

  • Give a suggestion for a program or exhibition you would like to see
  • Tell us about a unique memory or story you or a family member experienced
  • Tell us about a collection you or a family member have assembled
  • Send us a photograph that shows an important moment for you or your family
  • Share an item that’s important to you or your family

Share your story

Contributions from the community

How we review your contribution

We’ll review your contribution within 10 business days. We’ll call or email you if we need more information or if we need to see the items you wish to share.

We’ll contact you when we have found the right way to share your contribution. We’ll also keep a record of your submission to reference when we’re planning future programs and completing research.

How we’ll share your contribution

We’ll contact you if your contribution is selected for an upcoming program, publication, or exhibition.

We will never share anything without your written permission. Until then, we’ll keep any information about the story, collection, item or photograph confidential.

The Museums plan exhibitions up to four years in advance, so we may not have an opportunity to share your contribution right away. Physical items shared with the museums will be borrowed and returned after use in exhibitions.

Contributions submitted through Community Outreach are not automatically added to the Museums’ collection. Learn more about what we collect and how to donate to the museum collections.

Contact us

Still have questions? Email museums@mississauga.ca or call us at 905-615-4860, ext. 2110.