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Meadowvale Theatre renovation

Meadowvale Theatre, located at 6315 Montevideo Road in Mississauga opened in 1989 and is connected to the West Credit Secondary School. This community theatre is a 395 seat, 22,130 sq.ft performing arts facility that is home to many thriving community theatre organizations and offers performances in music, dance, drama, comedy and musical theatre. The venue caters not only to theatre going audiences, but also to corporate and professional events as well as various community programs including summer camps.

The Theatre renovation project is comprised of interior and exterior alterations to the existing facility to improve the quality of the cultural services provided to residents and create broader performing arts opportunities.

Since the Theatre was built in 1989, there have not been any major upgrades to the facility and as such a major refresh and renewal is well overdue.  As part of the overall renovation, the scope of work will address deferred maintenance and life cycle upgrades.  The programmatic and aesthetic enhancements to the building’s interior will address functional requirements of the spaces to be more flexible and usable for many different events.  The renovation will also improve accessibility and improve energy efficiencies in the facility. The exterior space enhancements which include the front plaza, roundabout and back patio will be improved with an identifiable entrance, exterior cladding and signage improvements providing the facility with greater street presence and a unique identity to the community.

Meadowvale Theatre will close May 2021, contractor mobilization will be in May 2021 with a theatre opening scheduled for Summer 2022.

Renovation highlights

  • Building and signage improvements to direct community users to the Theatre, by providing enhanced street presence;
  • Improved exterior car drop off and shared forecourt at north entrance along with enhancements to the exterior patio along Battleford Road;
  • Improvements and reconfiguration of the existing box office area and concession area to address lineups and congestion during performances
  • Improvements and interior refresh of the administrative area, meeting room, rehearsal hall and secondary entrance to ensure these areas can function independently if required for rentals;
  • Removal of the obstructive curving stair within the lobby and installation of a new discrete control booth stair;
  • Addition of universal washroom and refresh of existing public washrooms, dressing rooms, green room;
  • Renewal of the mod-bit (flat roof) roofing system;
  • Mechanical and electrical lifecycle renewal work including implementing a Building Automation System, replacement of the existing roof top units (2), air handling unit, compressor and rooftop condensing unit;


This renovation will support the Culture Master Plan’s strategic priorities:

Improve City-owned spaces: ensure cultural-space requirements are considered during renovations and improve space for cultural use. Community members and creatives are looking for a flexible space with good acoustics to accommodate a variety of creative uses.

Support emerging and marginalized creatives by removing barriers to access and participation: as a culture hub and educational facility, Meadowvale Theatre will engage all creatives with workshop opportunities and additional spaces to book and program.

Establish a positive cultural identity by creating premium cultural experiences and proactively promoting Mississauga’s arts and culture scene: as a newly renovated, state-of-the-art rental performing arts facility in Mississauga, Meadowvale Theatre will develop a marketing and promotional campaign to attract new and diverse clients as well as develop into a culture hub and educational facility.

Project contact details

For questions about this project, please contact
Melissa Agius, Manager, Meadowvale Theatre, Celebration Square, Live Event and Media Services at

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