Completed in 2021 City project

Meadowvale neighbourhood character study

This study helped develop a policy framework that will guide future growth in the Meadowvale neighbourhood.


The City initiated a study to assess the character of the townhouse, apartment and retail areas in the Meadowvale neighbourhood. The goal of the study was to develop a policy framework that would guide future growth and compatible development in the area.

The study covered the area between Winston Churchill Boulevard and the Meadowvale employment area (stretching from Britannia Road West in the south to Tradewind Drive in the north). Meadowvale Town Centre and the surrounding properties, which are referred to as the Meadowvale Community Node, were not included in the study area, as these lands were already part of the ongoing Reimagining the Mall project.

Map of the Meadowvale neighbourhood.

Project documents

Through this study and feedback from public consultation, the City has produced the final vision, guiding principles and recommendations for the Meadowvale neighbourhood. The recommendations were presented to the Planning and Development Committee in fall of 2021.

View the final project files for the Meadowvale Neighbourhood Character Study:

Public engagement

Since 2018, residents took part in a wide range of public engagement sessions (community meetings, surveys and online discussions) to help shape the outcomes of the Meadowvale Neighbourhood Character Study.

Thank you to all who participated and contributed to the future growth and development of the Meadowvale community.

For questions about this completed project, please contact Christian Binette

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