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Clarkson transit station area study

Provide a planning framework to guide future development around the Clarkson GO station that supports transit and pedestrians

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The City of Mississauga is developing a plan for the area surrounding the Clarkson GO station. The Clarkson Transit Station Area Study will provide a planning framework to guide future development, ensuring it supports transit and contributes to the walkability of the area.

Public engagement

During the project, the public will have chances to give feedback, learn, and take part in community engagement sessions.

On March 22, there will be a public meeting to talk about the latest results of an air quality study that was needed to figure out how transportation and industry affect the air quality in the area.

Learn about the results of the air quality study and the next steps for the Clarkson Transit Station Area Study by registering for the public meeting or by visiting

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For questions about this project, contact Romas Juknevicius, Project Lead at

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