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  • In progress

    Mary Fix Park woodland

    Restoring the woodland in Mary Fix Park to make sure it remains a functioning forest ecosystem.

  • In progress

    Green Tools pilot project

    Changing grass cutting equipment from gas and diesel powered to all-electric, battery-powered units.

  • In progress

    Burnhamthorpe Community Centre renovation

    The City is renovating and building a new addition to the Burnhamthorpe Community Centre to meet the needs of the Rathwood-Applewood community.

  • In progress

    Off Road Trail 11

    A new off road trail is planned for the Hydro One corridor located east of Dixie Road in Ward 3. The 3.8-kilometre asphalt trail will extend from Audubon Boulevard to Dundas Street East.

  • In progress

    Changing lanes

    This project will help develop and implement new tools for staff, developers, and other street providers to ensure our streets are safe and more convenient for all users.

  • In progress

    Uptown Node character area

    The City is preparing an Official Plan Amendment (OPA) to guide and manage growth in the Uptown Node area. This area is centred around the intersection of Hurontario Street and Eglinton Avenue.

  • Completed in 2012

    Building our future Mississauga

    Mississauga was presented with an exciting opportunity to revitalize its infrastructure and stimulate the local economy, thanks to an allocation of $145 million in funding under the federal and provin...

  • Open for consultation

    Building the Pedestrian Master Plan

    The City of Mississauga is developing its first ever Pedestrian Master Plan.

  • Open for consultation

    Noise Control By-law Review

    The City is updating its Noise By-laws to make them more responsive to our residents and neighbourhoods.

  • Completed in 2019

    Smart Cities Challenge

    The City participated in the Government of Canada’s Smart Cities Challenge. The Challenge encouraged communities to submit their ideas of how to improve the lives of residents through innovation, da...