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Bloor Street redesign

Bloor Street is changing. Find out why and what it means for you.

We are working to redesign Bloor Street to make it safer and more accessible for everyone, whether you drive a car, take transit, walk or roll, or ride your bike. Every street should be safe for all residents.

You may know this project as the preliminary study: Bloor Street Integrated Road Project that was completed to re-envision the corridor.

Why is Bloor Street being redesigned?

Bloor Street is due for asphalt resurfacing. This gave the City an opportunity to make a change for the future, so that everyone can use Bloor Street safely. It means the City only has to do construction once. It’s also part of our commitment to build complete streets for every user.

A map depicting the project area, bounded by Central Parkway East on the left, Cawthra Road, Tomken Road, Dixie Road, and Etobicoke Creek from left to right. From top to bottom, it encompasses Burnhamthorpe Road East, Bloor Street East, and Dundas Street East. The project area spans the entirety of Bloor Street East from Central Parkway East to Etobicoke Creek.
Map of the project area, which spans a total of 4.6 kilometres from Central Parkway East to Etobicoke Creek.

Improvements planned as part of this project will help make roads safer and more accessible to pedestrians, cyclists and transit users. These improvements include road rehabilitation work, construction of cycling facilities, road safety improvements and landscaping work.

When is the project going to happen?

After extensive public consultation, feedback and first designs, Council and staff landed on an option that meets the needs of road users today and into the future. In June 2023, Council voted to redesign Bloor Street to make it safer for everyone who uses it.

Construction will begin in the fall of 2024 and finish in December of 2025 and restoration work will be completed in 2026.

Here’s where we are in the process:

  1. 1
    Preliminary design: 2021-2023

    Complete Bloor Street Integrated Road Project study, public consultation and preferred design selection.

  2. 2
    Detailed design and tender: 2023-2024

    Complete field investigations and property acquisitions, secure all required permits and approvals and award contract to successful bidding contractor.

  3. 3
    Construction: Oct 2024 - Dec 2025

    Implement the proposed improvements.

  4. 4
    Restoration: 2026

    Complete final restoration works including sod installation and planting trees.

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