Integrity Commissioner

Role of the Integrity Commissioner

The role of the Integrity Commissioner is to:


The Integrity Commissioner gives advice to members of Council if requested about their duty and responsibilities under the Code of Conduct. Advice can be given confidentially to a member of Council or in a general way to all members of Council.

  • Council Code of Conduct
  • Local Boards Code of Conduct. There are two types of local boards, each with their own code of conduct. These include adjudicative boards, which make decisions about how the City runs, and non-adjudicative boards, which make recommendations to Council about specific issues.

Investigate complaints

If the Integrity Commissioner receives a request to investigate a complaint they will first assess the validity of the complaint. If the complaint is valid, the Integrity Commissioner will report the reason for the investigation, estimated time and expected cost to conduct the investigation to Council.

The Integrity Commissioner also investigates concerns about the behaviour of a member of a local board or committee if it conflicts with the code of conduct for local boards.

Train and educate

The Integrity Commissioner gives training and reference material about its role, responsibilities of Council under the Council code of conduct, such as how to disclose gifts and any other procedures, rules or policies covered by the rules in the code of conduct.

Request clarification

The Integrity Commissioner can ask a member of Council to clarify their request before starting an investigation. If the member of Council believes the result of any action taken by the Integrity Commissioner is not what was intended, the Member of Council can provide clarification to the Integrity Commissioner or may even withdraw their request.


The Integrity Commissioner submits an annual report to Council about any recommendations or investigations made in the previous year, as well as any significant developments or recommendations about their role as the City’s Integrity Commissioner.

How to contact the Integrity Commissioner

If you have concerns regarding the behaviour of a member of Council or  a member of a local board that you believe is in conflict with the Local Boards Code of Conduct, you can Request an Inquiry

Submit your request by mail, email or in person to:

Principles Integrity
Integrity Commissioner
Phone: 647-259-8697

Other types of complaints

The Integrity Commissioner does not handle the following types of complaints:

  • Actions of a member of City staff
  • Closed sessions of Council or Committees

You can make a complaint if you have a concern about any of these types of issues.