Corporate policies

This is a list of policies approved by City Council and organized by topic.

The policies posted here are provided for reference only. To make sure you’re accessing the most up to date version, or if you have any questions about the City’s corporate policies, please email



Accountability and transparency

Accountability and Transparency

Data Handling

Open Data Program


Advertising and Sponsorship with the City

Animals and pets

Leash-Free Zones

Pet Adoption and Fostering

Arts and culture

City Acquired Art

Community Group Registry Program

Culture in the City of Mississauga

Museums Collections and Exhibitions

City parks

Leash-Free Zones

Park Trail Lighting

Tree and Bench Donation Program

Council and Committees

Citizen Appointments to Committees, Boards and Authorities

Disposition of Significant Historical, Artistic and Cultural Items Given to Elected Officials

Elected Officials Expenses

Matters Considered in Closed Session

Petitions to Council

Use of City Resources During an Election Campaign

Credits, grants and subsidies

Community Grant Administration

Development Charge Grants for Eligible Non-Profit Developments

Outdoor Maintenance Subsidy

Stormwater Credit Program for Multi-Residential and/or Non-Residential Properties

Stormwater Charge Subsidy

Environment and conservation

Noise Attenuation Barriers on Major Roadways

Spill Response in the City

Volunteer Clean-Up Program

Events and protocol


Civic Protocol

Civic Recognition Program

Community Recognition Program

Flag Protocol at City Facilities

Global Cities Partnerships

Outdoor Events in the Civic District

Serving Alcohol at City Facilities

Fees, finance and property taxes

Administration of Program and Membership Fees

Assessment Appeal and Tax Adjustment Application Management

Assessment Base Management

Assessment Roll Information

Collection of Outstanding Property Taxes

Debt Management

Donations of Assets to the City of Mississauga

Fundraising Campaigns and Monetary Donations to the City

Municipal Accommodation Tax

Payment and Refund of Facility Rental Fees

Processing Fees for Variance from Servicing Agreement

Provincial Offences Act (POA) Collection of Defaulted Fines

Stormwater Funding Program

Human resources

Conflict of Interest

Employee Recruitment

Hiring and Employment of Relatives

Public Complaints Procedure Policy

Respectful Workplace

Staff Procedure for Handling Frivolous and Vexatious Complaints

Workplace Violence

Planning and building

Bonus Zoning

Community Benefits Charges

Development Charges Interest Rates and Associated Payments

Development Not Subject to Site Plan Review and Approval

Land Division Applications

Minor Variance Applications

Payment in Lieu of Off-Street Parking Program

Portable Signs on Road Allowances

Zoning Application Approval


Bid Awards and Bid Protests

Bid Review and Evaluation – High Value Acquisitions

Bidding Procedures for Publicly Advertised High Value Acquisitions

Sustainable Procurement

Vendor Performance Management and Disqualification

City property and facilities

Acquisition and Disposal of Interests in Real Property

City Plaques

Community Gardens Site Selection

Facility Naming

Filming on City of Mississauga Property

Graffiti Removal in the City

Strategic Asset Management

Use of City Facilities

Use of City Resources During an Election Campaign

Use of Fire Stations for Special Projects

Recreation and sports

ActiveAssist Fee Assistance Program

Arena Ice Allocation

Community Group Registry Program

Healthy Food & Beverage Policy for Recreation Facilities

Natural Ice Rink Program

Sports Field Management

Outdoor Tennis and Pickleball in Mississauga

Use of Indigenous Images/Themes in City Sports Facilities

Roads and traffic

All-Way Stops

CCTV Traffic Monitoring Cameras within Municipal Road Allowances

Closure of Walkways

Construction of Walkways

Curb Improvement Program

Driveway Culverts and Headwalls

Driveway Ramps/Wedges

Entrance Signs

Roadside Memorials

Roadway Directional Signage

Street Names

Traffic Calming

Traffic Safety in School Zones


Mississauga Transit Video/Audio Surveillance

Protective Measures Program

Responding to Incidents in City Facilities

Video Surveillance